Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2009 Con Plans

It's getting close to con season for me and I am chomping at the bit to get out there and play the games I don't normally get a chance to. My Saturday gaming group normally plays some sort of D&D and at cons I like to try out other games that they might not want to play. It gives me reasons to go to cons, however this year I'm hoping to meet some of the podcasters I listen to all the time and some of the game designers of those indie games I've been drawn to lately.

The first con I'm planning on getting to, even for just the Saturday, is Origins. Normally this is the con I do on an annual basis but GenCon sounded so amazing last year that I didn't want to miss out this year. I'm going down with a few friends and some guys from our FLGS for Saturday so we can check out the vendors. A couple of us might try and get into a game or two also. Not too sure on details at this point.

After Origins is GenCon. I'm heading out there for the entire weekend with two friends from my gaming group. We all have out schedules filled out for the most part. We'll be trying out the new Pathfinder Sociery on Firday and Saturday evenings and we'll be playing in some RPGA games in the morning on both of those two day. Other than that I've got some scheduled that aren't D&D or even like D&D just to find something new and fun. I am also eyeing some seminars but they might get skipped if I can get into some indie games I have but haven't played yet on Friday and Saturday afternoon.

GenCon Schedule
8/13 8:00AM - NMN0902135 - Mecha Ball (Mekton Zeta)
8/13 2:00PM - RPG0904142 - Burt Fedora and the Warmaidens of Mars (Ubiquity Hollow Earth)8/14 3:00PM - SEM0903777 - Designing Dungeons with Monty Cook
8/14 8:00AM - RPGA0905800 - SPEC1-3 Ghosts of the Past (D&D 4E)
8/14 2:00PM - RPG0902980 - Games On Demand (indie games)
8/14 5:00PM - SEM0904081 - Paizo's Pathfinder Adventure Path Q&A
8/14 6:00PM - RPG0904104 - #29 The Devil We Know Part 1: Shipyard Rats (Pathfinder RPG)
8/15 8:00AM - RPGA0905768 - CORE1-13 The Fate of Camp 15 (D&D 4E)
8/15 2:00PM - RPG0902982 - Games On Demand (indie games)
8/15 5:00PM - SEM0904087 - Paizo's Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Q&A
8/15 6:00PM - RPG0904116 - #30 The Devil We Know Part 2: Cassomir's Locker (Pathfinder RPG)
8/16 9:00AM - RPG0902105 - Night of the Living Brat Pack (AFMBE)

Once GenCon is over I want to get to Con on the Cob in October. It's a loval con for me and I missed it last year also. I guess, from what others have said, it's a really laid back con for people who just want to have a plast playing games. It should be a good one.

There was one other con I really wanted to get to but I'm going to pass. I need to conserve funds so I can get to the ones I have planned already. It's a little one called Camp Nerdly. I heard about it last year and it looksed like a great trip, camping in Virginia, gaming and meeting new people. The con is cheap but its cost plus the fuel to get there is a bit much after my Memorial Day family trip. Camp Nerdly is the last weekend in May. I'll just have to try it out next year. Hopefully nothing will get in the way.

I'll have to post my thoughts on each con when I get back from them.